Roaming Expert Working Group (REWG) agreed on the final text of Regional Roaming Agreement (RRA)

    • 29/11/21

    40 experts from six EaP countries, EU Members States (Ireland, Lithuania, Latvia, Poland, Romania and Sweden), representatives of BEREC EWG on Roaming, EMERG, RCC, EC and EU4Digital Facility Team got together at the 11th REWG meeting on 30 September – 01 October in Dubrovnik (Croatia).

    The meeting was held back to back to the 4-lateral BEREC-EaPeReg-EMERG-Regulatel Summit and BEREC Plenary meeting and was organised by REWG Leadership in cooperation with Croatian Regulatory Authority for Network Industries (HAKOM) as the host party with the support of the European Commission.

    REWG experts discussed and agreed on the final text of the Regional Roaming Agreement among EaP countries (RRA) based on discussions at the Stakeholder Forum on RRA and RSA (23 September 2021), which will be distributed to stakeholders in order to finalise national consultations and prepare the RRA for its signing planned in December 2021.

    One more very important topic which was presented and discussed is the progress made within the EaP-EU Roaming Study. Conduction of this Study was agreed by the EU and EaP Ministers in order to explore the possibility of a common international roaming space, including the economically sustainable reduction of roaming tariffs between the EaP countries and the EU Member States, at the 3rd Ministerial Meeting on Digital economy in Bucharest in 2019.

    With the aim to strengthen and deepen cooperation with sister experts working groups a special sessions with BEREC EWG on Roaming and EMERG EWG on Roaming was organised in order to discuss possible areas for further cooperation. New Roaming Regulation and developments in the EU on the matter were also presented by Co-Chairs of BEREC EWG on Roaming.

    REWG studies and experience of the Western Balkans economies on implementation of Regional Roaming Agreement and the latest developments as well as challenges were presented by experts of the Regional Cooperation Council with whom REWG closely cooperates for many years.

    Experts had an opportunity to discuss the impact of COVID-19 pandemic on roaming market, in particular country cases: Sweden, Poland and Lithuania.

    Issues related to strategical and operational activities of REWG for 2021-2022 were discussed and agreed on by REWG Members.