IRB EWG Stakeholders Meeting

    EaP stakeholders meeting aimed at presenting, subsequent to the EaP ministerial declaration in Bucharest (28th February 2019), the progress and outcomes of the work performed on the objectives of setting up the independent NRA in EaP countries and harmonising digital environments, such as broadband infrastructure – part of Deliverable 7: “Harmonisation of Digital Markets” on the EaP_20_deliverables_for_2020 document.

    Acknowledging the effectiveness of the independent and empowered NRA for a competitive environment on the national markets, the EU best practices have shown that broadband connectivity is a critical foundation for socioeconomic development. Therefore, a timely deployment of very high-capacity networks is of utmost importance to ensure digital transition in EaP.

    Taking this into account, this special meeting addressed institutional independence, the authority and responsibility of the national NRAs alongside mechanisms for monitoring and evaluating the broadband state-of-play in order to enable the development of a resilient and future-proof infrastructure, promoting investments and competition in the sector.

    During the event all 6 EaP line ministries representatives endorsed the IRB EWG proposal on the connectivity state of play assessment.

    The EaPeReg partners: International Telecommunication Union (ITU) and Body of European Regulators for Electronic Communications (BEREC) shared their views on the topics under the event’s discussion.