BEREC and EaPeReg joint summit in Riga (Latvia)

    • 04/01/23

    10 November 2022

    BEREC and the Eastern Partnership Regulators for Electronic Communications (EaPeReg) held a joint
    summit to discuss, on the one hand, the future perspectives of cooperation in the broader context of the
    latest initiatives of the European Union, as well as the consequences of war in Ukraine, and, on the
    another hand, more specific projects are planned by regulators for 2023.
    On 11 November, the event was followed by an expert workshop prepared by the Agency for
    Support for BEREC (BEREC Office) at its headquarters in Riga, dedicated to the support which BEREC
    Office provides to BEREC working groups.
    Both events thus supported the common objective of BEREC and EaPeReg shared by both parties in
    the Memorandum of Understanding, namely the development of cooperation between the two
    networks to help them address current and future regulatory challenges.