EaPeReg is fully committed to promote an active international cooperation, by engaging in dialogue with  international and regional regulatory networks, policy-makers, international institutions and organizations active in the electronic communications sector.

It is the aim of EaPeReg to strengthen and intensify the cooperation with BEREC (http://berec.europa.eu/), based on the MoU signed between the two parties, as well as with EMERG (http://www.emergonline.org/) and Regulatel (http://www.regulatel.org/wordpress/), taking into account the common interest in the promotion of a competitive electronic communications environment.  

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    Welcome to EaPeReg, the Eastern Partnership (Armenia, Azerbaijan, Belarus, Georgia, the Republic of Moldova and Ukraine) Electronic Communications Regulators Network,...

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    The EaPeReg Network Members gathered in Chisinau for the Plenary Assembly of 11 September 2012, where the Memorandum of Understanding of the Eastern Partnership...

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Xth Plenary Assembly


25. October 2017

Minsk, Republic of Belarus

The Plenary was attended by 27 participants (14 representatives of six EaP countries and 12 representatives from EU Member States, 1 European Commission representative - HDM Coordinator.

The meeting was organized by the Ministry of Communications and Informatization of Republic of Belarus, the EaPeReg Chair in 2017-ANRCETI Moldova and Vice-Chair, ANCOM, Romania.
All the logistics were provided by CECOFORMA.

Detailed Workshop
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