The overall objective of the project is to contribute to the social and economic development of partner countries by supporting the development of their electronic communications markets through a strengthened long-term cooperation between the European Union and the EaP countries in this area.

The EaPeReg project aims to support the EaP countries in gaining a better understanding and making better decisions regarding various complex regulatory issues in the area of electronic communications and Information Society.


The members of the EaP Network committed themselves to improving relations and fostering cooperation amongst them by:

INFORMATION EXCHANGE Providing a forum for regular exchanges of information and expertise on issues relating to electronic communications regulation
LEGISLATION APPROXIMATION Promoting the approximation to the European Union electronic communications and information society services regulatory framework, where appropriate, and promoting regulatory best practices among its Members
MARKET DEVELOPMENT Monitoring the development of the electronic communications markets and regulatory frameworks in the Eastern Partnership region
NETWORKING Facilitating the exchange of information and expertise with international organisations, other regional networks of regulators and sector experts
ACTIVITIES Contributing to the preparation of documents, reports, benchmarks, presentations, analyses and common positions at international meetings and workshops
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    Welcome to EaPeReg, the Eastern Partnership (Armenia, Azerbaijan, Belarus, Georgia, the Republic of Moldova and Ukraine) Electronic Communications Regulators Network,...

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    The EaPeReg Network Members gathered in Chisinau for the Plenary Assembly of 11 September 2012, where the Memorandum of Understanding of the Eastern Partnership...

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Ninth Plenary Session


07. April 2017

Chisinau, Moldova

The 9th Plenary Session of the EaPeReg Network was held on 7 April in Chisinau, Moldova. Representatives of all 6 EaP Countries (Armenia, Azerbaijan, Belarus, Georgia, Moldova and Ukraine) and 7 EU Countries (Croatia, Germany, Latvia, Lithuania, Romania, Poland and Sweden) attended the meeting. The Participants of the Meeting nominated the Chair and Vice – Chair for 2018, adopted the Activity Report for 2016 and Action Plan for 2017-2019, voted the extension of the MoU with BEREC, discussed the Protocol of Cooperation, things regarding the website functioning, the proposal to include Broadband development in Action plan 2017-2019, the place and dates for the next Plenary Session and workshop.

Detailed Workshop
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Workshop on consumer issues – empowerment and QoS from the point of view of consumers


13. October 2016

Kyiv, Ukraine

The 17th EaPeReg Workshop on consumer issues – empowerment and QoS from the point of view of consumers was held on 12-13 October in Kyiv, Ukraine.

29 representatives of EaPeReg member countries – from Armenia, Azerbaijan, Belarus, Georgia, Moldova and Ukraine and from EU member countries – Latvia, Portugal and Romania – attended the workshop. 

Detailed Workshop
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